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Voyeurism is the act of spying on people while they are engaged in an intimate act such as sexual activity, undressing, bathing or anything else considered private in nature. A voyeur can also be coined the nickname of “Peeping Tom.” Along with an ugly nickname can come a first degree misdemeanor conviction and up to 364 days in jail if you are found guilty of a voyeurism charge.

Elements to Be Proved in a Court of Law

The state of Florida has to prove the following elements in order to prove the crime of voyeurism:

  • The accused furtively witnessed, photographed, filmed, videotaped, or recorded the victim
  • The act was done with a coarse, lascivious, or distasteful intent
  • When the victim was witnessed, photographed, filmed, videotaped, or recorded, he or she was in a residence, building or vehicle in which he or she had a reasonable expectation of privacy

The main element a court must prove in a voyeurism case is that there was a reasonable expectation of privacy. This means that someone was inside a place where one would have to sneak up and spy to glimpse happenings inside the dwelling. Watching someone in a public place is not a crime. However, peeking into someone’s bathroom window and observing their actions without proper consent is.

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A Voyeurism Charge is Not a Conviction

A voyeurism charge in Florida is serious business, but do not panic just yet. Being accused or charged with a voyeurism charge is not the same thing as being convicted. There is a lot that happens between the time of your arrest and being sentenced. You have the right to a fair trial, and we can make sure that you are given all the necessary protections throughout the duration of the legal process. We have the chance to create doubt in regards to how the prosecution presents your case. We will mount a strong defense strategy to go toe to toe with prosecutors.

Were You in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time?

Even if voyeurism occurred, it could have been someone else that committed this crime. You may have been somewhere else and had no clue this was even happening. Our experience with sex crimes charges is that sometimes these cases involve innocent people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We will conduct our own investigation to find any evidence that can help back up that you were mistakenly charged.

We Know that There are Two Sides to Every Story

When it comes to voyeurism and other sex crimes charges, we know full well that there are two versions of what happened. We will always listen to you and look for any evidence that can corroborate your story. You never have to be afraid to be honest with us and tell us exactly what happened. We are here to defend you and provide you with compassion and support.

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