Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking can be defined as a modern day form of slavery; it is the illegal trade or sale of human beings for the commercial uses of sexual exploitation or enforced labor.

A human trafficking case can be brought against you if these elements can be proved:

  • Defendant tried to engage or participated in transporting, soliciting, recruiting, harboring, providing or obtaining an individual person for transport.


  • Had the knowledge and/or intent that the transported person would be subjected to forced labor or services such as prostitution.


  • Financially profited by obtaining anything of worth from participation in an endeavor that has subjected a person to forced labor or services.

If you have been accused of human trafficking you need an attorney that is knowledgeable of sex crimes defense in the state of Florida and can tackle your case with the nonstop efficiency needed. The Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys can assist you with your human trafficking claims right away. Our office has the intelligence of former prosecutors and extensively educated Florida federal criminal defense lawyers.

With eight offices located statewide, our offices can assist you in all matters of human trafficking including such cases as:

  • Bonded labor: Labor is used as a form of repayment for a loan or service where the terms of the agreement have not been defined which results in the quality and length of work being greater than the amount of money originally borrowed.
  • Trafficking illegal workers: Transporting and trafficking illegal or undocumented workers in an effort to bypass United States immigration law.
  • Sex trafficking of women and children: Trafficking vulnerable victims in dismal circumstances such as runaway teens, homeless individuals, refugees or drug addicts and forcing them into prostitution, dancing in strip clubs, performing in pornographic materials and other forms of involuntary services.

Many human trafficking cases involve other criminal charges such as conspiracy, fraud, forgery and coercion. You could be facing 15-30 years in prison and registration as a sex offender. Our firm can handle multiple federal and state charges. Contact our offices today for a completely confidential and free consultation today.

Federal Laws Pertaining to Human Trafficking

The majority of federal human trafficking charges involve transporting people across state or international borders, which is what makes it a federal crime. Federal criminal charges are not prosecuted in state courts, rather they are prosecuted in a federal court. For these purposes, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is equipped to handle cases that fall under federal jurisdiction. Federal charges deal with much more serious laws and penalties than state charges and federal prosecutors will be looking to get maximum penalties for a conviction.

The United States has taken measures to prevent human trafficking, which is why there are numerous laws that have been enacted to cut down on these offenses. The Mann Actwas passed in 1910 by Congress to stop the transport of people across state lines to engage in sexual acts related to prostitution. The Mann Act is regularly used by federal prosecutors to penalize those who are accused of human trafficking of any kind.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) is a federal law passed in 2000 and aims to protect all victims of human trafficking and bring severe consequences to those who are convicted of human trafficking. The main thing to take away from this law is that federal prosecutors can charge those accused of human trafficking with a RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) violation as well. Moreover, the TPVA provides the judge presiding over the case to order those convicted of human trafficking to pay restutution to their victims. On a similar note, victims of human trafficking can also pursue financial damages against their convicted trafficker in civil court under the TVPA.

The federal laws surrounding human trafficking crimes are outlined in 18 USC Chapter 77.

Accused of human trafficking in Florida? Don’t delay. Contact the Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers right away!

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