Volusia County Man Arrested for Attempted Sexual Battery

A 28-year-old Daytona Beach, Florida man who was reportedly extremely worried about the end times allegedly attempted sexual battery and kidnapping of a young woman who was pushing her four-year-old son in a stroller.

According to an arrest report, the man supposedly began following the woman, also 28, around 10:45 a.m. on Monday. The report indicated she became worried and called her fiancé, whom she was able to relay her location to before a man allegedly dragged her into a breezeway of a building where reports indicate he pulled the woman’s underwear down and told her to keep quiet.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a male passerby heard the supposed attack and intervened.

The man was tracked down a short distance from the scene of the attack. He allegedly told police that he needed to confess and was very afraid for his life. He apparently told police he was quite afraid of the rapture. According to police, he wanted to tell the woman he was sorry.

The man is being held without bail in the Volusia County Branch Jail.

Penalties for sex crimes, such as rape or sexual battery have been made quite severe due to the media’s contribution to hype surrounding these types of cases, which has shaped the way society views these types of crimes. A sexual battery or attempted sexual battery allegation is quite serious and can carry a prison sentence of 10 years to life behind bars along with heavy fines, court ordered rehabilitation and counseling programs and in some cases no chance at probation or parole.

Perhaps the most severe punishment for a rape or attempted rape conviction is the mandatory registration as a sex offender, which seriously alters the way you live your life once released from prison. A list of sex offenders in Florida is available to the public on the FDLE website which makes it easy for anyone to know your past. In addition, a letter can be sent to residents of your community to let them know your name and address, which can isolate you from the rest of your neighborhood, a devastating aftermath from prison release.

Being accused of sexual battery requires you to act fast so that your legal rights and interests are fully protected. The Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers can research any circumstances that surround your case, fully examine the events, develop a strong defense and negotiate with prosecutors if need be to reduce or completely dismiss your charges.

At the first accusations of rape or attempted sexual battery anywhere in the state of Florida, contact the Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers online or call us toll-free at 866-608-5529.

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