South Florida Teacher Accused of Having Sexual Relationship with Student

A Broward County Public Schools teacher has been suspended without pay after he was accused of having sex with one of his students.

According to the school district, the English teacher had a sexual relationship with a female student during the 2015-16 school year.

On several occasions during the year, the man and the student would allegedly go to a townhouse after school and have sex, the district said.

The teacher and the student shared a hotel room when they traveled to Naples for a soccer tournament in January of 2016, the district said. While there, school officials said, the two were apparently seen kissing and holding hands in public. Officials also said that the two exchanged graphic messages on social media and the student was often seen alone with the teacher in his classroom.

The district said the teacher encouraged the student to keep the relationship secret, but other students claim they witnessed the two exchanging notes during class. The district alleges it found some of the discarded notes. One of the notes read: “I want you to be my sex slave, call me sir or daddy,” the district said. The girl’s reply read: “Whatever you want, daddy,” the district said.

It’s unclear whether the teacher would face criminal charges in the case. The district did not disclose the student’s age.

The teacher has worked for the Broward County school district since 1987.

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