Popular DJ Accused of Sexually Battering Woman on Miami Beach

A DJ, best known for his popular hit song “I Like To Move It” from DreamWorks children’s 2005 film Madagascar, has been arrested for sexual battery on a woman he met at a party last year.

Police claim a test kit confirmed his DNA on the woman.

Man using a dj controller

In December of 2019, a woman filed a report with the Miami Beach Police saying that she was raped by the man.

The woman says she was at a party with the DJ and was invited back to his place to have drinks in his pool. She said they took an Uber ride to his place and she changed into a bathing suit she was given and had drinks.

She said she was uncomfortable with sexual advances made against her by the man, so she changed back into her clothes. Reports go on to say that the DJ apologized and asked her to stay.

She then says she found a bedroom and fell asleep on the bed with her clothes on.

She told police she woke up naked with the DJ next to her naked as well. She had “flashes” of the DJ having sex with her and left the house and went to the Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital for a rape kit.

A police officer took a DNA sample from the DJ a few days later. He told police he did not have sex with the woman, but walked into his bedroom naked and was surprised to find her in his bed. He also told police that he was standing near the bed when the woman woke up.

Police claim that the DNA results came back on July 2 and the DJ’s DNA was on swabs taken from the woman at the rape treatment center in December.

He was arrested Wednesday and charged with sexual battery.

Anyone that faces a sex crime charge needs to be proactive with their defense as these cases are prosecuted quite aggressively. DNA testing along with witness testimony is primarily used by police and prosecution to make an arrest and secure a conviction. However, regardless of whether your DNA was linked to the crime or not, you must act fast and obtain legal representation so that you can achieve the best possible case result. Our Miami Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys at Whittel & Melton are former prosecutors who have worked both sides of these types of criminal investigations, which means we have plenty of experience working with DNA test results. We can put our knowledge to work for you and develop a strong defense strategy to help you avoid jail time and sex offender registration.

Samples of your unique DNA can be drawn from bodily fluids, like saliva, semen, sweat, blood, as well as any body tissue or hair. This can all be left behind at a crime scene. Trained investigators following very strict protocols can collect this evidence and then once it leaves the crime scene it must follow a chain of custody to ensure that it was not mishandled or misplaced. If you have been asked to give a DNA sample, you need to have a criminal defense lawyer on your side to protect your best interests and legal rights throughout the duration of criminal proceedings.

DNA evidence can be a critical piece of evidence in sex crimes cases. However, just because a person’s DNA is found at a crime scene, it does not mean they committed a crime. This is especially true in cases where the accused and the alleged victim knew each other. Our Florida Sexual Battery Defense Attorneys at Whittel & Melton are here to help you fight back against a sex crime conviction.

Time is a critical factor in sex crimes cases, so we urge you to not delay in securing legal representation. We want to make sure you are aware of all of your legal rights as well as the reality of the charges against you. We will always be open and honest about your case and all the possible outcomes. We will not gloss over any details and be realistic about any anticipated outcomes. We provide free consultations so that you can get answers to all of your important questions. We are also available 24/7 to speak with you about your case. If you are in need of an aggressive defense strategy against sex crimes charges such as sexual battery, child molestation, rape, prostitution, or any other sex crime charge, we are here to help you.

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