Pinellas Humane Society Employee Accused of Having Sex with Girlfriend's Dog and Possessing Kiddie Porn

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Police arrested a 29-year-old Clearwater man who apparently works at the Humane Society of Pinellas after allegedly receiving a tip about him keeping child pornography on his home computer and snapping photos of himself involved in sexual acts with his girlfriend’s dog, a pit-bull mix.

Police claim the man’s girlfriend is the society’s medical director.

The Humane Society’s director of development said the man was employed on a limited basis as a contract worker at the Clearwater shelter, and when he had access to animals, other people were present.

The man was charged with 10 counts of possessing child porn. Police apparently referred an animal cruelty charge to the Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Police apparently located the man at his home and claim he admitted to downloading and viewing kiddie porn on his home computer. He allegedly gave authorities permission to search his hard drive.

According to police, the search revealed nine photos and one video of child pornography. Several photos depicting bestiality were allegedly uncovered on the man’s cell phone.

According to a Clearwater police spokeswoman, the photos showed the man with a dog.

The dog remains with its owner, the man’s girlfriend. Police said animal welfare authorities will be notified of the alleged incident.

The man arrested undoubtedly faces a tough legal road ahead. A conviction for a sexual offense in Florida can deliver harsh penalties such as prison time, heavy fines and the potential of being labeled a sex offender. Being tagged a sex offender can generate massive social and financial headaches, possibly for the rest of your life.

A sex crimes charge can change your life even before the case reaches trial or a final verdict is delivered. These charges require immediate representation as sex crimes allegations are fiercely prosecuted. In fact, the mere accusation of a sex crime will place you on trial in the court of public opinion. Unfortunately society does not always abide by the concept “innocent until proven guilty,” and the media coverage can be exhausting. While it may seem natural to accept a plea bargain right away, you should speak to the Florida Sex Crimes Lawyers at Whittel & Melton before making any hasty decisions that may impact your future significantly.

Whether the sexual allegations against you involve rape, child pornography or sexual assault or abuse, at Whittel & Melton, our lawyers will construct a defense based on the facts. You can take comfort in knowing that we are on your side throughout the entire process and only wish to help you obtain the best resolution to your case.

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