Pinellas County Man Charged with Raping 11-Year-Old Boy

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A 19-year-old St. Petersburg man was charged Tuesday with sexual battery of a child less than the age of 12 after police claim he allegedly raped an 11-year-old boy repeatedly in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The man is accused of sexually battering the boy starting on Nov. 25 and continuing through December.

According to police, the boy was staying with a relative in the afternoons while his mother was at work. The man was also staying with that same relative.

The child’s mother supposedly suspected something was wrong with the boy and questioned the child at the relative’s home on Dec. 20. The child apparently told his mother that the 19-year-old man shared marijuana with him and later mentioned the man had sexually abused him.

According to police, as the child was recounting the alleged events, the man supposedly went to his bedroom, locked the door, changed his clothes and exited the home through the window.

The boy’s mother took him to a local hospital to be examined and notified police.

Days later, the man was found sitting in his car in the parking lot of a recreation center. He was arrested and as of Wednesday remained in the Pinellas County Jail with bond set at $50,000.

He has allegedly pleaded not guilty to the charge and a judge has ordered him to have no contact with the child.

It is a capital offense in Florida for anyone over the age of 18 to sexually batter a child under the age of 12. While there are few crimes more serious than sex crimes involving children, being accused of raping a child younger than 12 can bring about serious criminal consequences including up to life in prison, depending on a range of factors. When a child makes an accusation that they were the victim of unwelcome sexual interaction, police tend to base an arrest exclusively on that allegation. Even if there are no signs of physical evidence to support the accusation, police can still arrest you if they feel a sexually motivated crime took place.

Unverified allegations lead to numerous arrests for child sex crimes. Children are easily influenced and because arrests can stem from one single claim or suspicion, it is extremely important to contact the Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys to help combat any pending charges that could tarnish your good name, reputation and future freedom. It should be noted that if an accusation is made, you should never make a statement to police until after a Florida Sex Crime Lawyer has been contacted. Even if the allegations against you are false, invoking your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent is in your best interest. In order to avoid an unfair prosecution it is best to have your criminal defense lawyer relay your side, interview any witnesses while their minds are fresh and preserve any favorable evidence before it has a chance to get lost or be destroyed.

The Florida Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys at Whittel & Melton can help build a solid defense to attack your charge of sexual battery against a child through several methods, including:

  • Utilizing qualified experts in necessary areas, such as child psychologists and medical examiners
  • Performing a thorough background check on your accuser and anyone else involved with allegations and exploring any possible motivations they may have for reporting the alleged offense
  • Readiness to take your case to trial so that your future is protected from misguided allegations

If you have been arrested for a sex crime involving a child anywhere in the state of Florida, or suspect you may be soon, contact the Florida Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys at Whittel & Melton online or call our St. Petersburg office at 727-847-2299 or dial us toll-free at 866-608-5529.

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