Pasco County Deputies Unleashing Bots on Sex Traffickers

Pasco County is fighting the human trafficking problem with the latest technology available – bots.

Undercover detectives posing as children are now being replaced with cyber robots. The hope is to wipe out human trafficking in the area.

The sheriff’s office is working with a company out of Seattle who created this new technology.

Cyber bots post fake ads on popular websites selling sex in Pasco County. Each ad has a code attached that tracks and collects as much information on the buyer as possible.

The bots can supposedly reach hundreds of users at a time, which will have the biggest impact. That will also save the sheriff’s office significant time, personnel, and money.

The sheriff’s office goal right now is to collect as much information in the Pasco County area to see how bad the situation is there.

Eventually they hope to arrest and prosecute as many people as possible.

Because sex trafficking cases are highly publicized in the media, prosecutors and police face immense pressure to punish alleged perpetrators to the max extent of the law. If you are accused of sex trafficking, you could find yourself swept up in this craze. You could be looking at many years behind bars and huge fines.

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