Orlando Area Soccer Coach Accused of Molesting 9-Year-Old Boy

A soccer coach in Orlando is facing accusations he molested a 9-year-old boy before and during practice.

It has been alleged by law enforcement that the 22-year-old man picked the boy up at his Orlando home to take him to a sporting goods store to buy knee pads before heading to a soccer field. The government alleges the boy told detectives the coach touched his genitals over his clothing while driving to the store and then to practice. The allegations continued to state the boy also said the man looked down the boy’s pants during a bridge exercise.

The State investigation detailed the boy called his mother to pick him up and reported what happened. The accused was arrested Thursday. Records show he was charged with lewd and lascivious molestation.

He is being held at the Osceola County Jail.

Child molestation charges are seriously prosecuted in the state of Florida. These accusations can be initiated by someone simply making an allegation against you, regardless of whether or not it is true. Just one person saying molestation occurred is enough to bring about a criminal charge that could change your life forever. Innocent lives are devastated every day by false or unjust accusations.

If you are facing child molestation charges anywhere in the state of Florida, it is absolutely vital to have an experienced lawyer fighting on your side to aggressively protect your rights and work to preserve your future. Your life as you know it is certainly on the line. Our Florida Child Molestation Defense Attorneys at Whittel & Melton are here to help you establish the best defense strategy possible to combat these charges.

Child molestation trials are some of the most difficult because there is a strong inclination among judges, juries and prosecutors to believe children and minors. As former prosecutors, our team of sex crimes defense lawyers know that children are highly impressionable and can be easily manipulated by family members, friends and even prosecutors. Children are notorious for making outlandish remarks, and it can be difficult to differentiate what is the truth and what is a lie when you do not have an experienced attorney fighting in your corner.

When you are falsely accused of molesting a child, the worst outcome is that you are convicted of the crime. A conviction for child molestation or lewd and lascivious molestation has serious potential consequences. You could be facing:

  • A lengthy jail or prison sentence, including a potential life sentence
  • Probation for an extended period
  • Mandatory registration as a sex offender

Along with criminal consequences, a person convicted of a sex crime could also suffer further setbacks, such as:

Loss of employment

  • Loss of professional licenses such as a license to practice law, medicine, social work, psychology or other professions
  • Loss of child custody, even if the victim is not their child, resulting in only supervised contact with children
  • A civil lawsuit for damages the victim has suffered

The mere accusation of child molestation is enough to arouse the suspicions of the media and the general public. These cases are emotionally driven, making it that much more critical to have a solid line of defense. Any time a person stands accused of committing child molestation, it is to their benefit to speak with our Florida Child Molestation Defense Attorneys at Whittel & Melton as we are empathetic to these highly emotional situations. We will do everything in our power to discredit any false allegations, which could lead to criminal charges being dropped entirely. We can further help try and clear your name by investigating any evidence presented against you and ultimately protecting your rights and future.

At Whittel & Melton, our Florida Sex Crimes Lawyers know that once you have been accused of child molestaion, your life can be ruined. We know the severity of these types of accusations, which is why it is imperative you take swift action to protect yourself and get us involved with your case as early on as possible so we can start attacking these heinous allegations quickly and effectively. We know what you are up against is serious, which is why we want to get involved right away and attempt to convince prosecutors to have the criminal charges reduced or dismissed outright.

If you or a loved one has been accused of committing child molestation, now is the right time to get legal help with your case. We strongly urge you to not delay in getting the much needed legal assistance these types of cases require for a positive outcome. We are here to help 24/7.

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