Online Criminal Sting in Kissimmee, FL Yields 16 Arrests

After a week-long online sex sting geared toward finding illegal services in Kissimmee, 16 people were arrested. According to a Kissimmee Police spokeswoman, officials were looking for people using the Internet for prostitution and purchasing infants.

Detectives supposedly scanned web sites like Craigslist and Backpage for individuals posting illegal services. Investigators supposedly called several alleged prostitutes and set up meetings at an undercover house.

According to reports, 16 people allegedly showed up to the decoy home to buy or sell prostitution. Of the 16 people arrested, one was a local psychiatrist.

Investigators evidently found an unlicensed contractor advertising his services online as well. Detectives apparently unplugged a dryer at the bait house and asked the man to fix the problem. The man allegedly took apart the machine and charged $60 for the visit.

The alleged unlicensed contractor was given a notice to appear in court.

Undercover solicitation computer stings are an everyday occurrence in Florida. Law enforcement agencies throughout the state conduct these sting operations to control prostitution, trysts, solicitation and any other illegal acts that usually involve the exchange of sex for money. As a result of the Internet exploding with online sites for people to advertise services and skills, police will perform online scans to ward off prostitution, or anything that goes beyond paid companionship.

Online stings can create scenarios that violate your rights, and a knowledgeable Florida Online Solicitation Defense Attorney can ask the questions needed to get you through a difficult situation. Sometimes innocent people can fall victim to undercover police entrapment; this usually happens when something an officer does, such as e-mail a sexually explicit photo, causes the individual to behave in a way that he or she normally would not. In most sex sting operations all activity between the two parties is recorded. This evidence can be tampered with and an expert Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer can spot these mishaps and try and get your charges dropped or in a program that avoids jail time.

On a side note, it is very important to be extremely cautious with what you post on the Internet. In Florida, police officials and the State Attorney’s Office can and will track people with suspicious content and gain access to any pages or postings that could be identified as illegal activity. Any statements you make on the Internet can be twisted and used as evidence against you.

If you or someone you know in Florida finds themselves on the wrong side of the law due to an undercover online operation of any magnitude, contact the the Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers online or reach us toll-free at 866-608-5529.

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