Multiple Men Arrested as a Result of a Six Month Internet Sex Trap

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A six month investigation targeting alleged sexual predators has resulted in the arrest of 48 men who are all accused of committing cyber crimes: Internet sex crimes against children.

Of those arrested, one man supposedly works as a teacher’s aide for special needs children in Volusia County. Another man is apparently a TSA agent from Orlando.

The half-year cyber sting dubbed “Operation Amalgamate” is the first large investigation conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Computer Crime Center in combination with the Attorney General’s Office’s Child Predator Cybercrime Unit.

Evidently, the main goal of the operation was to prevent online child exploitation at every level, from viewing child pornography to soliciting minors.

Florida law enforcement has an immense amount of pressure placed upon them to crack down on Internet crimes against children. Because of this, questionable and oftentimes unlawful tactics are used in an effort to catch these alleged online sexual predators. In many situations, undercover law agents have been known to entrap unsuspecting individuals and even fabricate supposed sexually motivated sex crimes.

Undercover sex traps are devised to make numerous arrests and if you are suspected of partaking in any illegal activity, you can bet police officers are eager to develop a case against you. If you have been accused or arrested for online child exploitation, you need an experienced Florida Sex Crimes Attorney on your side to attack the prosecution’s evidence against you.

Law enforcement in Florida will often monitor the activity in online chat rooms and social media sites posing as a child or relative of a minor looking for sexual activity. When a conversation steers towards solicitation, police will track down the suspect’s IP address and keep a close watch on the person’s Internet activity, which will often lead to an arrest. It is important to understand that just because you are arrested for an online sex crime, it does not mean you are guilty. In fact, there are many possible defenses for these crimes which will depend on the circumstances unique to your case. The Florida Sex Crimes Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can investigate the events surrounding your arrest and can develop an effective defense strategy for any sex crime allegation, including:

If you have been placed under arrest as a result of an undercover sex trap throughout the state of Florida, contact the Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys at Whittel & Melton online or dial us toll-free at 866-608-5529.

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