Middle School After Care Worker Accused of Recruiting Boys for Sex

A 20-year-old worker in a South Florida middle school after-care program faces federal charges of offering money, gifts and trips to Disney World to recruit teenage boys for sex.

The investigation into the man started March 8 when a 13-year-old student told someone at the middle that the man sent him inappropriate messages. Two other boys came forward two days later.

Authorities claim the man tricked students into writing their names and phone numbers on a list if they were interested in playing sports. The boys said the man then sent them messages on the mobile app KIK.

The man allegedly told one student he was “sexy” and that he wanted to “spoil” him, an arrest affidavit said. He is also accused of telling the boys he wanted to give them gifts in exchange for touching their genitals, the affidavit said.

Investigators claim he offered to take the boys to Disney World.

Accusations of sex crimes involving children, like the ones made in this case, can be devastating. Not only can they ruin your personal life, but they can destroy your career. Sadly, these cases boil down to one person’s word against another’s.

Anyone can accuse someone of a sex crime. In the majority of these cases, police and prosecutors side with the alleged victim(s) regardless of whether or not any evidence actually backs these claims up. That is why these cases require a strong legal defense from the very beginning. Waiting too long to secure legal representation can weaken your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

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