Marion County Woman Accused of Sexually Attacking Boy in Gas Station Bathroom

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday that a 46-year-old Ocala woman has been arrested for sexually attacking a 6-year-old boy in a gas-station bathroom last week.

The woman was charged with sexual battery on a child younger than 12 and false imprisonment of a child younger than 13.

Police arrested the woman on Wednesday.

The alleged attack took place on Friday at a Chevron at 5895 W. State Road 40 near Ocala.

The woman was apparently a family friend and walked with the boy to the gas station to buy some items for his family.

According to the arrest report, the woman grabbed the boy’s arm and pulled him into the bathroom, where she performed a sex act on him.

The boy then told his father what happened.

Detectives claim the woman told them she went to the gas station with the boy and also went with him to the restroom, but cannot remember anything that happened beyond that.

She is currently being held in the Marion County Jail.

While it is not clear at this time what this woman’s mental health status is, it is important to note that mentally challenged or people with a mental disorder are often charged with sex crimes when they have no idea they have done anything wrong. Those that are mentally ill may not be able to assist a criminal defense lawyer in their own defense because they truly cannot recollect what happened or because they lack the capacity to fully understand the consequences of their actions. Establishing a mental health defense can be quite complex, often requiring psychologists, forensic psychiatrists, mental health professionals and other expert witnesses to back up this claim. If someone you love has been charged with a sex crime, a Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer at Whittel & Melton can help you better understand how a mental health defense works and what you can expect.

In order to progress with a trial, the court must first determine if the accused is competent to proceed. Those with mental illnesses or disorders tend to repeat what they have seen or what has been done to them. At Whittel & Melton, our Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys understand that these cases aren’t always what police and prosecutors paint them to be. We have the compassion and understanding needed to defend those that are mentally ill from sex crimes and seek alternative sentencing options to protect them from cruel and unusual punishments. In most cases, prison is not the best option for those suffering from a mental disease. There are many different types of treatment programs that can protect the accused and society, including rehabilitation, sex offender counseling, house arrest and even proper medication. If someone you care for is facing sex crimes charges in Florida and is suffering from a mental illness, please contact us today online or call 866-608-5529 for a free consultation.

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