Lyft Driver Accused of Sexual Battery in Davie

A Lyft driver accused of forcing a teenage boy to perform oral sex on him appeared in court Friday morning.

A Miami-Dade County judge ordered the 43-year-old man to be held without bond until he’s picked up and sent back to Broward County to face his charges.

Lyft said the man was deactivated from its system as soon as the company found out about the allegations.

Police said the man allegedly lured his way into a 16-year-old boy’s house in Davie after driving the teen home.

The boy told his mother what happened when she got home, remembering the Lyft driver’s name and other information from the app.

Police said the man later confessed after he was tracked down in Hialeah on Wednesday.

Lyft says the driver was screened and passed a thorough background and sex offender check.

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