Jeffrey Epstein's Accusers are Looking to Ban Sex Dolls

A group of women who say they were sexually abused by disgraced hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein wants to make it harder for other sex offenders to get their start.

The group, Victims Refuse Silence, is supporting federal legislation that would ban certain lifelike sex dolls that resemble children. Some budding sex offenders are said to use the dolls to normalize sex acts on minors, according to the legislation’s supporters.

“We cannot permit these products to make their way into Americans’ homes, potentially enabling a first step to even more heinous crimes against our children,” Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.), a co-sponsor, said in a statement announcing his support for the measure.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.), comes three years after a previous version of the legislation stalled in the U.S. Senate. The measure would make it a federal crime to sell, possess, transport, importation of the dolls, which are already banned in states like Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The dolls are also already banned in Florida, where Epstein is alleged to have committed a number of sex offenses against young and underage women. His case sparked a public uproar when the Palm Beach hedge fund manager avoided prosecution on the most serious charges brought against him.

A decade later, Epstein was arrested in New York in July 2019 and charged with federal sex trafficking and one count of sex-trafficking conspiracy offenses. But he died while in custody the following month, apparently as the result of suicide.

British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell is facing related charges in New York, where she is accused of federal crimes for her alleged role in what CNN called “recruiting, grooming and sexually abusing underage girls as young as 14 as part of a years-long criminal enterprise.” The former girlfriend and long-time confidant of Epstein allegedly assisted in a sort of sex trafficking pyramid scheme in which young girls were lured to Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion and other locations.

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