Former Citrus County Deputy Charged with Child Sex Crime

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A former Citrus County deputy sheriff was arrested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement earlier this month on an active 5th Judicial Circuit warrant charging him with two counts of sexual battery on a child older than 12 years of age.

According to Sumter County authorities, along with his attorney, the 48-year-old man turned himself in to police. He was booked into the Sumter County Jail and held on $500,000 bond.

About two months ago the Florida abuse hotline received a complaint that the man had allegedly physically abused a 5-year-old boy. The complaint also mentioned that the man had allegedly sexually molested a young girl.

The physical abuse allegations were looked into by the Sheriff’s Office, but could not be substantiated. The separate matter involving alleged sexual abuse of a child was turned over to the agency’s Special Victims Unit for follow-up.

The Citrus County Sheriff made the decision early on in the investigation to hand the case over to the FDLE, specifically because it involved a current CCSO deputy sheriff and was also multi-jurisdictional.

The alleged female victim is now in her early 20s and no longer lives in Citrus County. The investigation alleges the former CCSO deputy repeatedly abused the woman from the time she was 11 until she turned 18. The man is accused of threatening the alleged victim, telling her no one would believe her if she told.

The arrest warrant indicated the alleged abuse occurred on multiple occasions at various locations between January 2003 and December 2008.

The man will be transported from Sumter County to the Citrus County Detention Facility to face the charges against him, although it is unclear when.

He was terminated from his position with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, May 31 due to agency policy violations of absence from duty without proper notification.

The former deputy sheriff was hired by the Sheriff’s Office in October 2003. He ended his employment in September 2006 to assist an ailing family member. He returned to Citrus County and was rehired in August 2007.

His prior disciplinary action included one instance of conduct unbecoming an officer that resulted from an internal affairs investigation in August 2010, which resulted in a suspension without pay and reassignment to road patrol. In September 2009, a second discipline involved his repeated failure to properly follow up and document cases and promptly respond to phone calls. The action taken was a written reprimand and probation.

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