FBI Charges Casselberry Man in Alleged Gang Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl on Cruise Ship

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Federal prosecutors believe a 31-year-old man and several teen boys raped a 15-year-old girl in a cabin onboard a Carnival cruise ship last month.

The man was arrested on a federal sex charge Monday.

A judge ordered the man to remain in the Orange County Jail until his trial.

The teen boys have not yet been charged, as the FBI must obtain permission from the Attorney General before filing charges against juveniles.

According to a criminal complaint, the man boarded the ship with his wife on Aug. 16. The couple was apparently given a second cabin after making a noise complaint about their first cabin. They were allegedly allowed to keep both rooms.

The 15-year-old girl alleges that the she and her friend, also 15, went to the man’s cabin along with four other boys.

She claims that once inside the cabin the man and boys held her down and took turns having sex with her.

The girl’s friend was allegedly held in the bathroom by one of the boys.

The girl told an FBI agent that at one point someone knocked on the door and one of the boys answered it, leaving her on the floor of the cabin. She claims the man and teen boys continued raping her once the person at the door left.

At some point, one of the alleged attackers dressed the girl and let her friend out of the bathroom.

The girl apparently received medical treatment on the ship for her injuries.

The FBI said the teen boys admitted to sexually assaulting the girl. They allege that the man supplied both girls with alcohol and that victim was drunk and unable to resist.

According to FBI agents, during an interview, the man said he was drunk and was unaware that things got sexual. He allegedly admitted to having sex with women other than his wife on the cruise, but passed out and did not have sex with the teen.

Carnival contacted the FBI as soon as they learned of the alleged attack.

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