Daytona Man Arrested on Online Sex Sting

A Daytona Beach man was arrested earlier this month after police allege they caught him making online arrangements to have sex with children.

Detectives claim the man thought he was communicating with a woman who was going to allow him to have sex with her teenage daughters, but he was actually communicating with an undercover cop.

The 29-year-old was arrested after investigators say he went to an arranged location in the city with the expectation of meeting the woman and her children.

Undercover officers with the city’s newly created advanced technology and cyber crimes unit said they engaged with the man online after he allegedly posted an ad that read, “impregnate your daughter or sister or wife.”

The undercover officer claimed to be a mother, offering up her 13- and 14-year-old daughters for sex.

Officers said the man sent several nude photos of himself and made multiple comments about sexually explicit acts he wanted to perform.

A judge ordered for the man to be held without bond.

He does not have a previous criminal history.

Thousands of people in Florida and across the United States finds themselves swept up in online sex stings led by federal, state or local authorities. Many of these people arrested are innocent of the crime for which they are charged.

Charges stemming from undercover sex stings can vary. And even though none of the people arrested in undercover sex stings have had their day in court yet, you can be sure that their name and charge will be published in local newspapers.

Undercover cyber stings are elaborate police operations where officers present themselves online as an underage minor – or the parent/guardian of a minor – by offering fictitious information. While posing as a minor or their parent/guardian, the officer initiates online communication with an adult via chat rooms, websites, via email, texts or other means.

While Florida laws are tough on sexual predators, innocent victims of overreaching police stings do have legal defenses. With so many arrested by aggressive law officers masquerading as minors in elaborate undercover stings, many may not be guilty. Regardless of innocence, those arrested in cyber stings will face daunting legal hurdles.

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