Broward County Deputy Accused of Sexual Battery on a Minor

A Broward County Sheriff’s deputy is behind bars for allegedly molesting a young girl almost 20 years ago.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, along with deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, arrested the 58-year-old man on four counts of sexual battery on a person under 12 years of age. Investigators said he molested a girl that lived with him for approximately five years while they lived in West Palm Beach.

According to the arrest report, the person making the accusations is a 28-year-old mother. She told deputies the man sexually battered her as a young girl. It started when she was seven and lasted until she was eleven. Back then, she believed he was a police officer because he drove a marked BSO car and wore a law enforcement uniform. This made her intimidated to come forward about what happened.

The woman said the man used to drive her to school and would inappropriately touch her underneath her skirt, according to the arrest affidavit.

According to the affidavit, the man also forced her to perform oral sex on him and he would perform oral sex on her when the girl’s mother would leave the house. He allegedly made her watch pornographic videos with him.

The woman said the man tried to have sex with her as well.

According to BSO, the man has been suspended without pay.

The man was originally hired as a BSO detention deputy in February 2005 and retired for personal reasons in June 2011. He was rehired as a detention deputy in February 2013.

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