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Have you been accused of a sexually based crime in Spring Hill or Brooksville? If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a sex crime, then you need to act fast in order to protect yourself from these damaging accusations. You do not want to waste any time building a successful defense. In certain cases, by intervening quickly, our team of Brooksville Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. We can help formulate the best possible strategy for whatever charges you are facing. We can handle state and federal sex crime cases.

Being convicted of a sex crime can ruin your life. This goes beyond time behind bars. You could be looking at a lifetime of being a registered sex offender or predator, which will limit what you can do for work and where you can live. You are in the fight for your life when accused of a sex crime, and we want to help you fight back. We encourage you to keep your head up and stay strong.

Perhaps one of the worst consequences of a sex crime conviction is having be listed as a sexual predator or sex offender on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Offender Predator System. This is an online database that is public record and have details like your name, age, distinguishing characteristics like tattoos and birth marks, photos, and a description of the crime you were convicted of. Registration can last a lifetime and impact what you can do to earn a living and where you can reside. The severity of this is why you need to enlist legal help to protect you. Call our Brooksville Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton today at 352-666-2121 or contact us online for a free consultation.

We Provide an Aggressive Defense Against Sex Crime Charges in Brooksville or Spring Hill

We firmly believe that everyone charged with a sex crime has a right to a strong defense. If you choose to work with us, then you can rest assured that we will aggressively defend your rights throughout the duration of the legal process. From the moment you meet with us in a free consultation through the conclusion of your case, we will do everything in our grasp to protect your freedom, reputation and future. We can handle the following cases:

The prosecution has a firm stance on sex crime cases and they tend to side with the alleged victims. They will not want to hear your side of the story or cut you any slack. Depending on what evidence they have, they may not want to offer a fair plea bargain and push for trial. As trial lawyers, we prepare every case to be argued in front of a judge and jury so we will not back down from a fight. If we think a plea deal is in your best interest, then we will do everything we can to negotiate on your behalf. While we can make no guarantees on a specific outcome for your unique situation, we can promise to do whatever we can to get you an outcome that you can live with.

Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in Brooksville or Spring Hill?

If you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, then know you are not alone. This is actually quite common after a break up or divorce. However, these allegations can be damaging so you must fight back against false allegations.

Even if there is zero physical evidence to support these false claims of a sex crime, prosecutors will still aggressively pursue a case to protect those that they believe are victims. The sad reality is that many sex crimes cases come down to “he said, she said” versions of what happened, and false allegations can quite easily lead to a conviction.

Our Brooksville Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can help you fight false allegations against you. We have experience handling all kinds of sex crime cases, so we will immediately launch our own investigation into the charges against you and review any texts, letters, phone calls, emails and speak to any witnesses or friends and family members that can help shed some light on the situation. We will look into any inconsistencies or discrepancies in your accuser’s story in order to uncover the truth. Once we can determine what the motive is for making false allegations against you, we can start protecting you from all unwarranted charges.

Contact Our Brooksville Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton Today

A conviction for a sex crime can be devastating. You will no longer be able to enjoy basic freedoms and privileges even after you have served your time. We want to minimize the effect of sex crime charges, so we urge you to call us today at 352-666-2121 or contact us online to get started with your defense.

We stand ready to fight and protect your rights. We will listen to you and offer our legal guidance and expert opinion on what we think you are up against. We will not sugarcoat anything and make sure you are fully informed on all possible outcomes. We will devise a personalized strategy to attack the State’s case against you, with the hopes of attaining the minimal punishments. We want you to know that sex crimes cases are very serious, so you need to get legal help as soon as possible. Call us now in Brooksville or Spring Hill at 352-666-2121or contact us online.

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