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If you or someone you love has been arrested and is being investigated for their alleged involvement in a sex crime in the Bradenton area, then you need to call our Bradenton Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton now at 866-608-5529 for a free case evaluation. Sex crimes are aggressively investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in the Tampa Bay area, and you can expect significant consequences if you are convicted. While fines and a lengthy prison sentence are possibilities, perhaps the worst is mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender or predator, ensuring that you will never be able to escape your past. With so much at stake, you must fight back and fast. Who you select to handle your defense and represent your interests will play a critical role in the outcome of your case.

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Sex Crimes Against Children

Accusations of sex crimes involving children generate very strong emotions. Because of this, you will likely not be treated fairly by police and prosecutors. Oftentimes, their overzealous investigation tactics will lead to the arrest and conviction of an innocent person. If you believe that you are a suspect or are the target of a sex crime investigated centered around child molestation, child pornography, child sex abuse, statutory rape, Internet solicitation of a minor, or traveling to meet a minor, then we strongly urge you to keep quiet and refrain from making any statements or admissions of guilt and call our Bradenton Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton now at 866-608-5529.

Internet Sex Offenses Charged in Bradenton

The Internet and recent technology advancements has really transformed how we communicate. Social media chats, email, text messaging, and smartphone applications allow us to communicate with anyone somewhat anonymously. Chat room-related sex crimes were introduced to us in 2004 with the airing of NBC’s reality television series, “To Catch a Predator.” This series is what began the phenomenon of undercover cybersex stings, aimed at catching those suspected “predators” looking to engage in sex with minors. Once a chat advanced into meeting up for sex, the person would be arrested upon their arrival and charged with a sex crime. This still happens quite regularly today. If you have been caught up in an undercover Internet sex trap or have been contacted by police, then you need to remain silent and contact our Bradenton Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton as soon as possible.

Misdemeanor and Felony Sex Crimes in Manatee County

Some sex crimes charges fall under misdemeanor offenses, such as indecent exposure, some prostitution-related crimes, and more. These misdemeanor offenses may result in jail time, probation, and a certain amount of time on the sex offender registry. Others are felony crimes that result in life behind bars or upon your release, lifetime registration as a sex offender or predator. The impact of a misdemeanor or felony sex crime conviction can be life altering and follow you around forever. You need to be aggressive with your defense as you have a lot on the line. Our Bradenton Sex Crime Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can put our trial experience to work for you. We are not afraid of trying your case in front of a judge and jury, but we will also provide you with our honest opinion about whether a plea negotiation to a lesser offense is right for you. Our goal is to secure the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

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Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges in Bradenton or the surrounding Tampa Bay area, we can help you understand that charges against you and what steps to take next. We encourage you to act fast as these situations can escalate rather quickly and having a strong Sex Crime Defense Lawyer fighting in your corner can save you a lot of stress and grief. Early intervention in these cases is critical, as we may be able to squash a weak case by the prosecution in the early investigative phase and have the charges against you dropped. We may also be able to convince the prosecution to agree to lesser charges in order to get you a reduced sentence. While we cannot guarantee a certain outcome, we can promise to provide you with the best possible defense strategy for whatever your specific needs may be. Do not wait – call us now at 866-608-5529 or contact us online.

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