3 UF Students Arrested in Gainesville Undercover Sex Sting

Fifteen men, three of which are University of Florida students, were arrested in the span of five days during an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force operation.

A 27-year-old master’s student majoring in information systems and operations management in the UF’s College of Business, was arrested March 15 and released March 17 from the Alachua County Jail on a $75,000 dollar bond.

A 22-year-old master’s student majoring in information systems and operations management in the College of Business, was arrested March 19.

A 22-year-old computer science junior at UF’s College of Engineering, was arrested March 17.

According to UF, all three students have been trespassed from campus.

Seven nearby law enforcement agencies, including Gainesville Police Department and the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, participated in a five-day undercover operation called “Operation Resilient” to combat those who sexually exploit children online.

In “Operation Resilient,” multiple people communicated online with whom they believed to be either a child or a guardian that would allow sexual contact with a child.

Of that group, 15 men allegedly traveled to meet the online contacts with the intent of having sexual contact, which ultimately led to their arrest.

Seeking sex from a minor is a criminal offense carrying very real and very severe consequences. Law enforcement agencies pour countless hours and money into undercover operations to catch anyone they believe is interested in having sex with a child. Police will pose online as minors or their guardians to lure unsuspecting individuals into meeting up for “sex.” Once the person shows up, police will make their arrest.

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