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Statutory rape is also known as unlawful sexual activity with certain minors. This is viewed as a second degree felony in the eyes of Florida law and if you are facing these charges you need to hire a sex crimes defense attorney immediately to pursue the best route of action for your case. This type of crime is very difficult to prove if there are no admissions or no direct evidence to prove that a sexual act occurred. A skilled attorney from the Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys can take on your case right away and fight for your justice.

Elements of statutory rape

There are three elements that can prove a statutory rape was committed:

  • Victim was between the ages of 16 and 17 years old
  • Accused was 24 years old or above
  • Accused engaged in sexual activity with the minor where his/her sexual organs penetrated or had union with the minor’s mouth, vagina or anus

Defenses & Punishments

Consent of the minor or willingness to engage in sexual acts is irrelevant to statutory rape charges in the state of Florida. Unknowingly participating in sexual activity with a minor whom believed is to be of legal age is also extraneous. The only single “affirmative” defense that does not negate any of the crime elements is the disability of the victim’s age removed per Florida statute.

This crime is punishable by the minimum of 5.5 years in prison and the maximum of 15 years in prison with eligibility for parole. The defendant could possibly face registration as a sexual offender for life along with prison time. This crime is not considered a “dangerous crime” so a pretrial release is available via bond.

Don’t face statutory rape charges alone. The Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys can assist you with your charges and point you in the best direction. We can negotiate and fight for your rights.

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