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Exploitation of a minor is often used to describe the sexual exploitation of a child by an adult under the use of threats, violence and persuasion. Exploitation is defined as being the utilization of another individual in a cruel or unjust way to benefit yourself or others.

Sexual exploitation offenses

Exploiting a child can occur from many crimes such as:

  • Child prostitution
  • Child trafficking
  • Child pornography
  • Forced child labor or slavery
  • Child sex tourism

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Child exploitation is a serious offense with major consequences attached if the defendant is found guilty. Penalties can result in a few years in prison to a lifetime served behind bars with no chance of parole. Along with prison time comes mandatory counseling and registration as a sexual offender, predator or both. Many times these charges can be lessened or even dropped completely with the help of an expert criminal defense attorney. The Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys can guide you in the right direction for your specific case and help you stay away from maximum sentences.

As former prosecutors, The Florida Sex Crimes Defense lawyers are fully equipped at handling cases at the state and federal level. The combined knowledge of working both sides of criminal processes make our attorneys stand out from the rest. With eight offices throughout the state of Florida, The Florida Sex Crimes Defense lawyers can pursue any and all avenues that will assure you and your loved ones are defended to the maximum extent under the law.

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