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Child pornography is a serious crime that can lead to imprisonment, fines, and other life-long negative consequences. If you or someone you know was accused of possessing, distributing, or producing pornographic materials involving a minor (child under 18 years of age), turn to an experienced Miami child pornography attorney immediately.

Whittel & Melton have represented adults and juveniles accused of sex crimes for decades. We are committed to providing our clients with aggressive legal defense to reduce and/or eliminate the charges our clients are facing. Contact us today for a FREE case evaluation.  

What Is Considered Child Pornography in Florida?

In Florida, child pornography can include a wide range of incidents, from the possession of a video depicting a child engaging in sexual acts to the distribution of photos that include a minor in a sexual nature.

Child pornography crimes can vary in form and severity – as can the penalties imposed on these offenses. The consequences of a child pornography conviction can include incarceration, fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender, among others. If you or a loved one were accused of a pornographic crime involving a minor, our lawyers will review your case, all evidence that has been collected, examine witnesses and law enforcement officials, and construct the best possible legal defense to help you fight your charges.

Contact our firm for assistance fighting any of the following types of allegations:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Receiving child pornography materials
  • Distribution or transmission of child pornography
  • Solicitation of a minor to engage in pornography
  • Active participation in the creation of pornographic materials involving a minor

How Child Pornography Cases Are Prosecuted in Miami

An accusation of child pornography can lead to a conviction if certain elements are present in the case. There are three elements to a child pornography crime that, if present, may result in a third-degree felony conviction, including:

  • The alleged offender knowingly possessed materials that featured a minor (child 18 years of age or younger) in a compromised situation
  • The materials feature a minor (child 18 years of age or younger) engaging in sexual activities
  • The alleged offender was aware that the materials in their possession featured a minor (child 18 years of age or younger) committing sexual acts

Defenses Against Child Pornography Allegations

While child pornography is a serious criminal offense, there are times when the alleged offender may not have been aware of the child’s age. The child in question may have appeared to be older, may have claimed to be older, or in many instances regarding the viewing of child pornography online, the alleged offender may have inadvertently visited a website or opened a webpage that contained pornographic materials involving minors when it was not their intention to view such materials.

Contact a Miami Child Pornography Attorney Today to Contest Your Charges

From photos to videos depicting minors committing sexual acts to actively participating in the production of sexual materials involving minors, child pornography convictions are treated very seriously and often result in maximum criminal penalties. If you or someone you know has been accused of a child pornography offense, contact Whittel & Melton immediately.

A Miami child pornography lawyer at our firm can review your case and determine the best possible defense. Schedule a FREE and confidential consultation today online or by phone at 866-608-5529.

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