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Palm Beach County Man Convicted of Raping Neighbor

A 20-year-old man, convicted of breaking into his neighbor’s house and raping her at knifepoint, has been sentenced to 50 years behind bars.

The man told police that it was a consensual encounter.

The woman testified that the man, then 18 and wearing a mask, broke into her home through the front door about 4 a.m. and suddenly appeared in her master bedroom.

She said she was tied up and threatened with a knife as the man raped her on the bed and also forced her to perform a sex act. She told police that after it was over, he let her get dressed and they talked until he removed his mask and confirmed his identity.

The man was found guilty of sexual battery with a deadly weapon/physical force; false imprisonment while in possession of a weapon; and burglary with assault or battery while armed.

The man has also been declared a sexual predator.

Rape charges are very serious. These charges are so serious that it is strongly advised that you enlist the assistance of a Florida Rape Defense Attorney at Whittel & Melton without delay. We can review the evidence against you and advise you what defense strategy is best. Every rape charge has unique circumstances and evidence. While many rape cases involve false accusations, you still must defend yourself in court to avoid prison time. If there is enough evidence for you to be arrested and charged with rape, you could be convicted, whether you are actually guilty or not.

If you have been arrested for rape, it is critical that you contact us immediately after your arrest. We can advise you on how to proceed and make sure you do not offer up any information to the police that could be used against you later.

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