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Orlando Sex Crimes Defense Attorney :: Windermere, FL Police Chief Accused of Covering up a Sex Crime for his Friend

An Orange County, Florida police chief has been arrested and charged with one count of official misconduct and one count of giving compensation for official business. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said the police chief of metro Orlando’s richest suburb, Windermere, Florida, stopped an investigation into the sexual battery of a child because it involved his friend.

He was taken to Orange County Jail on Wednesday and held with no bond.

Official misconduct can be defined as illegal acts performed by a public official that breach the terms of his/her duty to uphold the law and act on behalf of the public good. Any time a person uses a position of power to cover up a crime, they are violating a sworn oath to protect people from harm.

This case is supremely interesting because of the notoriety it gives to law enforcement agents and the fact that it involved the sexual battery, or rape, of a child.  Based on the fact that the man was held without bail, could be an indication that both the court and state is taking this crime very seriously and may believe that the Police Chief is a flight risk from standing trial.

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Thu Jan 13, 4:18pm

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