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Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Pregnant Woman in Pinellas County

A man was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a pregnant woman on the side of the road, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

The alleged incident happened at around 9 a.m. Friday near a construction site at 49th Street North and 150th Avenue North.

According to PSCO, a 26-year-old man attacked the woman as she was walking down 49th Street. The man is accused of punching the woman and shouting profanities. Deputies claim that he pinned the woman to the ground with one arm and removed her pants with the other.

A construction worker apparently ran over and scared the man away. He was arrested a block away from the scene.

The man was taken to the Pinellas County Jail and charged with aggravated sexual battery.

Florida law looks at aggravated battery upon a pregnant woman as a specific-intent crime. This is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. This means that even if you have no previous criminal record, you will likely serve jail time due to the severity of the charge.

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