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Sexual Battery

Tampa, Florida Sex Crime Attorney :: Tampa Man Charged with Attempted Sexual Battery and Voyeurism

Tampa, Florida police arrested a man on Sunday who allegedly snapped a photograph of a sleeping woman, broke into her home and then allegedly attempted to a sexual battery. According to a police report, the 21-year-old man evidently stood outside the woman’s bedroom window and took a picture of her […]

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Fri Jun 17, 2:27pm


Orlando, FL Video Voyeurism Defense Attorney :: Treasure Coast Man Faces Sex Charge for Digitally Recording Teen Girl in Indian River County Bathroom

Fellsmere police charged a 36-year-old man Monday for video voyeurism after a woman allegedly found a camera concealed in a car wax box in the bathroom of the man’s home. According to police, the footage on the camera showed an underage girl undressing at least four different times. According to […]

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Wed Jun 8, 3:39pm


Jacksonville, Florida Sex Crimes Defense Attorney :: Police Use Technology to Capture Alleged “Peeping Tom”

Jacksonville, FL police arrested a 44-year-old man, who allegedly hid in a bathroom stall at the Southpoint Marriott hotel and watched vulnerable women for almost half an hour, using GPS technology. According to police, the man cannot deny the fact that he was there. The man, who is on probation […]

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Sat May 21, 12:32pm


Orange County, Florida Sex Crimes Defense Attorney :: Orlando Man Charged with Video Voyeurism Again

An Orlando, Florida man has been arrested by Orange County police for using his cell phone to take video up a woman’s skirt at a Home Depot store. He has a prior arrest for a similar incident at the Home Depot, but was released on bond. Orange County deputies arrested […]

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Tue Apr 19, 1:50pm

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