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Sex Crimes by Juveniles

Florida law enforcement officers and prosecutors take sex crime cases very seriously. The Sunshine State has some of the harshest laws on the books, especially when it comes to offenses involving victims who are minors. But what happens when the person accused of the crime is also a juvenile? Sex […]

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Thu Mar 21, 11:47am


South Florida Doctor Under Investigation for Statutory Rape

A car crash has lead to sex crimes charges against a 64-year-old Jupiter doctor. The State Attorney’s Office’s Human Trafficking Task Force became involved with the case after a passenger in the man’s car was one of two underage girls he allegedly plied with alcohol, drugs and money for sex. […]

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Tue Jun 12, 9:42am


Hillsborough County Man Accused of Having Sexual Relations with Minors

Authorities in Hillsborough County said a man faces more than 30 charges as part of a sex-with-minors investigation. The 26-year-old Valrico man was taken into custody Friday, according to reports. Deputies said he was charged with 38 different crimes related to “inappropriate sexual contact with two fourteen-year-old minors.” At the […]

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Tue Mar 13, 1:31pm


Florida’s Crime Rates Drop, Sexual Assaults On the Rise

Florida’s overall crime rate has dropped, but the number of reported sex offenses and sexual assaults is rising. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released Friday a summary of crime information for the six months of 2015. The report showed overall crime volume dropped 2.2 percent compared to the first […]

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Wed Nov 18, 8:17pm

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