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Sexual Predator Harrassment

Sexual Predator Status in Florida

Anyone who is suspected of or charged with a sex crime in Florida is looking at some significant, and often life-changing, potential consequences. That includes hefty fines and what can be long stretches of time behind bars. The specific consequences vary based on the nature of the crime and the […]

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Fri Feb 22, 3:42pm


Middleburg, Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer :: Angry Residents Convince Sexual Predator to Sell His Ice Cream Truck

A Clay County, Florida community convinced a registered sexual predator to sell hic ice cream truck, and only form of income, on Monday. The man and his wife were collectively selling ice cream to both children and adults; no crime was actually committed. The Middleburg, FL man was convicted of […]

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Mon Apr 18, 12:46pm

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