Florida Sexual Abuse Defense Attorneys

Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Sexual abuse, or molestation, is when a person forces themselves and undesired sexual behavior onto another. This term also covers any actions by an adult towards a child that stimulates the child or the adult sexually.

Forms of Sexual Abuse on Adults or Children

Sexual abuse can take its shape in many areas of sex crimes. Some cases of sexual abuse include:

§  Forced physical sexual behavior that is nonconsensual such as rape and sexual assault

§  Any touching that is unwelcome by an adult or child

§  Sexual kissing, fondling or revealing of genitalia

§  Voyeurism or exhibitionism

§  Introducing a child to pornography

§  Verbally expressing suggestive sexual comments to a child

§  Nonconsensual sexual demands delivered verbally to an adult

§  Using a position of power to engage in sexual activity without the use of force

§  Incest

§  Particular forms of sexual harassment

Let Our Attorneys Assist You with Your Defense

The Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys can provide you with the experienced and results driven legal counsel you need when facing charges of sexual abuse. The mere accusation of sexual abuse raises red flags amongst all around areas of your life such as your career, social circles, family and personal life and even your choice of residence. The accusation of sexual abuse is no minor offense and the only way to seek a positive outcome is to contact a top-notch sex crimes attorney immediately before you speak to anyone about the charges being brought against you.

Florida statutes order specific consequences for those found guilty of sexual abuse. These punishments include hefty fines, lengthy prison sentences, registration as a sexual offender and probation. Under a Florida specific law passed in 2005, the Jessica Lunsford Act, requires a mandatory 25 years to life sentence behind bars in prison for certain sex crimes committed against children under the age of 11 years old.

Don’t face the judge and your jurors alone. The first step you must take after an accusation is hiring a dedicated and talented attorney to analyze the strength of your case and put your worries to rest.

Contact The Florida Sex Crimes Defense lawyers today. We have the strong defense needed to reclaim your justice.