Florida Rape Defense Attorneys

Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Rape is a very serious sex crime that refers to any type of sexual activity that is forced upon a person against his or her will. This force of sexual contact can be coupled with violence, threats and fears of injury or death. For a person to claim a rape has been committed, a sexual act must have occurred between two or more individuals that was nonconsensual by at least one party.

Felony rape laws

Rape is considered the basic charge for sexual battery. This crime has three elements that it must meet to prove an actual crime has been committed.

1.      Victim was 12 years of age or older when the crime was committed

2.      Defendant participated in a sexual act with the victim where his or her sexual organ or an object made contact with the victim’s vagina or anus

3.      The victim in no way consented to the act committed

Florida laws state that the above elements can be proved solely by the testimony of the victim and no other evidence is needed to find a guilty verdict.

Consequences & defense for rape convictions

If convicted of a rape crime, the consequences are quite severe. The maximum prison time is 15 years and the minimum is around five, considering this is your first offense and you have no priors. There is also a chance of having to register as both a sexual predator and offender for the rest of your life which could affect your personal relationships, career and your choice of residence.

The Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys can help you with any type of rape charge you are facing. Our attorneys can assist with defenses that can successfully progress the outcome of your case. Prospective defenses for a rape charge can include consent of the victim, mistaken identity, factual evidence and more. If you have been accused of or charged with rape then you need a reliable and skilled sex crimes attorney on your side immediately.

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