Florida Child Pornography Possession Defense Attorneys

Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Child pornography is one of the most serious offenses a person can face. From possession of child pornography to the mere allegation of distributing, a defendant can face lengthy prison sentences, registration as a sex offender for life and a tarnished reputation and career. Actual sentences vary based on the quantities of material in question as well as the nature of the accused crime. The most pertinent thing one can do to preserve their rights and safeguard their future is call an experienced sex crimes defense attorney. With eight different offices statewide, The Florida Sex Crimes Defense lawyers can help you reclaim your rights.

Elements of the crime

This crime has three elements to convict the person accused with a third degree felony.

  • Defendant knowingly possessed material featuring a child compromised
  • The media in possession illustrates sexual conduct of a child younger than 18 years old
  • Defendant knew the media in possession contained sexual conduct of a child

There are circumstances such as the child in question appears to be of age or the media being only a software file where an expert witness testimony would be required. Generally, possession of child pornography has a maximum sentence of five years, but there are no minimum mandatory sentences. This offense does grant the accused a pretrial release.

You need a Florida child pornography attorney

The attorney you choose affects how your proceedings go inside and outside the courtroom. You will need an attorney that will provide investigators and experts to scrutinize any and all evidence to work in your favor. You need an experienced child pornography defense attorney in the state of Florida to help you avoid maximum penalties and other life shattering consequences. Our firm can provide you with top-notch service throughout the state of Florida.

Do not delay. If you or someone you know is facing possession of child pornography charges call the Florida Sex Crimes Attorneys right away to get your case under way.