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Child molestation is the most serious and increasingly common of criminal charges. By definition, child molestation is any type of sexual contact or advance with a child under the age of 16. The accusation alone of child molestation has an extremely negative connotation that requires the most supremely skilled and assertive defense attorneys.

In the state of Florida, school teachers, nannies and caregivers of any kind are all required by law to report any suspicious comments or activity that point to the abuse of a child. If a child makes a false comment out of outrage at a parent, the consequences can result in serious criminal charges even if the statement is later denied by the child.

Molestation consequences & defense

Child molestation is a third degree felony punishable by anywhere from five years in prison to a life sentence with mandatory registration as a sexual predator, offender or both. The time served is all in relation to the severity of the charges being brought against the defendant and if there are any prior charges that can be factored into the equation.

The Florida Sex Crimes Defense lawyers can successfully defend the child molestation charges being brought against you or someone you know. Cases involving children can be extremely sticky due to the prosecutor’s nature of using child testimony as a way to benefit their case. There is also the social stigma attached with sexual harm to children that can skew the jurors’ viewpoints on the case and the evidence along with it. Our staff includes former Prosecutors with the state of Florida that understand how the State Attorney’s Office operates. We can put our knowledge to work for you and your loved ones by performing pre-trial investigations to possibly have your case dropped before a trial can commence. If trial must ensue, our attorneys have the aggressive defense strategies to fight your child sex crime charges.

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